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How About Turning Those Lists Into Your Very OWN List Building, Income Generating Sales Funnel?

Complete with:

  • High Converting Squeeze Page
  • OTO Redirect Page
  • Monitized Thank You Page

…In fact everything you need to build both your list as well as your income

Ok, here is the assumption I am making, if you are smart enough to have grabbed my Fb Lists, you appreciate the importance of building a list.
You already know that having a list and communicating with that list is the best way of earning CONSISTENT income online.
And I’m guessing if you know that, you also know that the most efficient way to build a list, bar none, is to have a fully monetized sales funnel.
I’m guessing you also know…

Creating a Sales Funnel from Scratch is NOT Easy!

  • Coming up with high value giveaway product
  • Designing and creating a high converting squeeze page
  • Researching OTO offers that will fit well into your funnel
  • Designing and creating the redirect page to presell and send the new subscriber to the offer you have found
  • Designing and creating a monitzed Thank You Download page

When you add it all up that’s a hell of a LOT of work and techy skills required to get your funnel created…
…enough to stop many marketers in their tracks!

You Don’t Need To Worry About Any of Those Things...
You Can Have Your Very Own Funnel Ready to Download In the Next Couple of Minutes

I am not only providing you with the chance to offer my high value Fresh Facebook Group Lists to build your list…
…I am also giving you the sale funnel elements to be able to do it!

A whole list building, income generating sales funnel for less than the price of a posh coffee…

Permission to Use My FB Group Lists as Your Giveaway Gift

You will know as someone who took me up on the offer of the Groups, that they are something many marketers will want to get their hands on.

Choice of Five Different Highly Converting Optin/Squeeze Pages

To give you full flexibility you get not one, but Five different squeeze page designs. 

Those squeeze pages has been used and tested by us, and the conversion will wow you. 

Take a look at it at the left hand side, to see how beautiful and professional it is.

A Redirect Thank you/ OTO Page

This is the page that you use as your ‘Custom Thank You Page. 
It informs your new subscribers that the free gift is on its way. In addition to ensure you maximize the take up of the OTO, it also ‘warms’ them to the affiliate offer you are sending them to (via your affiliate link).

A Monitized  Download Page

This is where your subscriber will download the facebook group lists they signed up for.

The page contains banners that take people through to a continuity product via your affiliate link.
These links can earn you up to $149 per click!

...Plus you even get the download email to include in your autoresponder.

I KNOW this will build your list and earn you income, however i want this to be totally risk free for you

"I Know This Can Help Me...But How Much Does It Cost?"

OK, let's imagine that you outsourced the process of creating this funnel:

  • Outsource the writing of the mails: $100
  • Hire someone to design & create the Squeeze pages: $100
  • Research OTO and design redirect page: $75
  • Get a monitized download created: $50
  • Your time to pull it all together: $Priceless

That's $325

(if you don't take into consideration your valuable time)

Of course I'm not going to ask you to pay that.
My thinking is, I want the maximum number of people to benefit from this offer.
In this way I spread my name and build my reputation...
...and the better my reputation that more people will be happy to purchase from me in the future.
So with all this in mind I have decided to offer everything you see here at a price that just about EVERYBODY will be able to afford.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Thank you for checking out this offer, if you have any questions, I'd be Glad to hear from you. 

Here's to your online success.

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